Quality first and foremost…

Our aim is to deliver quality services for our tenants, partners and others who depend on us.

We only work with repairs & service contractors that have a track record of performing to high standards.  We have well defined performance standards so our customers know what they can expect of us.

Our services are delivered across a range of properties from 2 bed houses, small registered care homes, shared housing, flats, supported housing and large residential care & nursing homes.  Our customers range from young adults to older people with a range of support needs.

Our performance targets for responding to requests for repairs are uniquely tailored to meet the needs of our customers for example, a dripping tap would be a minor repair to some tenants, but to others can cause severe distress.  By understanding our tenants and customer needs our response times are adjusted to suit and our performance targets aligned to their needs.

In the year to September 2021, we are proud to have significantly exceeded our performance targets for responding to individuals requests for repairs.

Whilst we are committed to delivering the very highest standards of services, we recognise that sometimes things do not go to plan. We will always try to resolve issues as quickly as possible. To view a copy of our Complaints Policy please CLICK HERE.

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