Tenant Support Services

Where a little extra can go a long way

Our tenants have a range of abilities and some can be at a greater risk of not sustaining their tenancies if they don’t receive the right level of support.

Their needs are continually assessed and they have access to a range of tailored housing related support as needed which can include the following:

Money Management

  • Payment of bills & savings
  • Household budgets and financial support
  • Maximizing income related benefits
  • Housing benefit applications

Managing their homes

  • Reporting repairs
  • General cleaning & housekeeping
  • Help with home maintenance i.e. gardening, window cleaning
  • Help in choosing furniture and decoration
  • Health and safety matters – safe use of equipment
  • Adaptations
  • Security matters
  • Resolution of neighbour disputes

Amber Housing works to support the communication needs of tenants.  A tenancy agreement is a legal document and so we have developed a range of accessible documents including a Tenancy Agreements and  Tenants Handbook to use alongside the more formal paperwork to aid understanding.

Links | Document (Accessible) Tenants Handbook |  Housing Management | Housing Management Standards