Repairs & Maintenance

Keeping calm in a crisis

No matter how new and well maintained a home is, there are times when minor or even major repairs are needed.

We are geared up to respond to the full range of repairs that may be needed from re-glazing, restoring central heating, fixing leaking roofs, passenger lift breakdowns, laundry equipment failures etc.

  • Our comprehensive service gives us the ability to respond to our tenants and our other customers when repairs are required.
  • Our services cover repairs to domestic residential properties, registered care homes, nursing homes, respite services and commercial offices.
  • Our reactive repairs team is available to respond to requests 24/7 and can activate contractors within 4 hours for an emergency repair.

We ensure that the quality of living and working environments of our tenants and customers is maintained by being proactive and regularly inspecting properties, planning and undertaking routine maintenance & servicing programmes, renewing and replacing equipment before they fail.

To find our more about our Service Standards for Repairs & Maintenance use the link below.

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