Report a Repair

Reporting a Repair is quick and easy

To Report a Repair in the first instance please call Amber Housing’s
Call Centre on: 0800 0138 555

Our call centre team are fully trained to respond to your requests for repairs quickly and efficiently and dispatch support to you based on our traffic light repairs priority system.

RED – Emergency repairs needed when your health & safety is a serious risk or where major damage can be caused.  We aim to respond within 4 hours of receiving the request, we will make safe and fully repair within 24 hours.

AMBER – Urgent repairs that affect how you use your home or facilities/equipment in your home.  We aim to respond within 24 hours of receiving a request and fully complete the repair within 7 days.

GREEN – These are non- urgent or routine repairs which do not need an immediate response.  Our aim is to attend to these within 7 days and fully complete within 28 days.

Our repair and maintenance contractors are quality checked and approved by our team before they are permitted to carry out work on our behalf.

If you wish to provide any feedback on the service you receive in response to a repair please
Contact Us.

To find out more about how we manage repairs for tenants please click on the link below:

Links | What we need to know How we manage repairs