How we manage repairs

A responsive and efficient approach

Amber Housing are committed to delivering an efficient and responsive service for everyone who use our services.

We use a traffic light priority system when responding to repairs.  This means that we target our response to minimise health & safety risks and reduce the time that essential facilities are out of action. This is how we will respond to particular types of repairs:

Priority 1 – Emergency Repairs

A response within 4 hours to make safe and repaired within 24 hrs.

  • Uncontrollable plumbing leaks
  • Dangerously exposed wiring
  • Dangerous building structure
  • Total breakdown of heating systems and hot water supplies where no alternative means of heating is available to occupiers
  • Passenger lifts, Stair Lifts, Platform/Step Lifts in registered care homes where residents cannot be moved elsewhere in the home
  • Nurse call system failure
  • External Door Entry System failure (electronic door opening at Care Homes)
  • Key pad door entry lock to medicine storage rooms
  • Broken/defective window restrictors to upper floors

Priority 2 – Urgent Repairs

A response within 24 hours to repair/overcome the worst effects of the emergency* and complete the repair  in 7 days:

  • Breakages/damage to windows and doors at ground floor or basement level which may result in a breach of building security
  • Major but controllable water leaks
  • Other Electrical faults
  • Blocked toilets and sinks
  • Water overflows e.g. from internal water storage tanks
  • Damage to building structure or essential fixtures and fittings
  • Major drainage faults
  • Partial heating failure (see also Repairs to Central Heating below.)
  • Missing roof tiles causing substantial water penetration to ceilings
  • Resets of fire alarm panels
  • Breakdown of laundry equipment where no alternative machine is available
  • Cookers and refrigeration break downs
  • Repairs to specialist equipment such as hoists, specialist baths, sluices & macerators
  • Dishwashers in care homes occupied by more than 6 residents
  • Fire door faults including door closures and guards
  • Emergency lighting failure
  • Carpet/tiles fixing where it compromises safety
  • Tree works posing an immediate health & safety risk

Priority 3 – These are Non-Urgent Routine Repairs

Response within 7 days – repair completed within 28 days:

  • Blocked gutters & broken rainwater pipes
  • Repairs to internal doors no security issues
  • Broken or defective windows doors locks/ handles(unless security is compromised)
  • Minor roof leaks
  • Repairs to bathroom and kitchen fittings e.g. kitchen cupboards.
  • Plaster defects to ceiling/walls
  • External repairs e.g. fencing, drainpipes, guttering etc.
  • Drainage faults
  • Dripping taps

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