What we need to know

The more detail we have, the better the
service is we can offer

The more you can tell us the better able we will be to respond to your repair.

Please give our call centre staff as much information as possible so they can help us fix your problem.  So tell us:

  • What is not working or has been broken e.g. no hot water or toilet seat broken
  • Where the problem is e.g. in the sink in the upstairs bathroom
  • Tell us if we may have a problem getting to your home e.g. limited parking
  • Give us a telephone number that we can reach you on so we can update you on the progress of your repair or if we need to get more information from you

Our staff are trained to help you identify your repair from the description you give to them.

Where we have difficulty in understanding the full problem we may need to send someone out to inspect before being able to carry out the work needed, but we will try to send someone who is able to inspect and complete the work.

Link | Report a Repair | How we manage repairs